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Jan. 29th, 2014

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Никто не заподозрит

Когда в результате беспроводной индукции ток проходит через трубку, частицы выстраиваются вдоль линии разрыва и замыкают цепь.
Это был его стиль.
Обладая правом вызывать на допрос повесткой, юристы КЦББ приступили к поиску улик.

Jan. 13th, 2009

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Where I am And Where I Go

Had a bit of an epiphany today.

I've been looking for engineering jobs in Colorado, to be nearer my support structure (I lived in the same town, in the same apartment, for over 7 years) and nearer Kendall, where ever she might end up.

I was talking with a friend last night and was reminded of some advice given me shortly before I found my current position: to identify the top ten companies in the area for which I'd like to work and them hammer them until somebody hires me. Turning that idea slightly, I realized I could identify the top ten career paths that would interest & invigorate me then find companies that could help me along that chosen path. I have been interested, for many years, in environmentalism and renewable energy sources. As early as '98 I looked into a Master's program in Free Energy Systems - it was in Australia, but still....

I started a small list today but stopped writing and knew I'd hit on something when I wrote 'environmental policy'. I want to help shape and guide energy policy for our country. This notion gets me really excited. Looking for engineering-type jobs that would allow me transition into drafting policies, I landed back where I've been so many times before: NREL. So. I've identified 7 jobs in Golden, CO that would allow me to begin this journey, and am in the process of applying for them. I think my cover letters might be a bit light, but hopefully they'll notice the enthusiasm and desire to do something I consider meaningful.

Wish me luck.

Jan. 8th, 2009

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I Am SOO Frittering This Afternoon Away

34.5 miles per gallon

Created by The Car Connection

Recumbents FTW, though this is about foot traffic.
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Mine Eyes Doth Mess With Me

No, dude, I get it. I'm still technically married, and am not inclined to start another relationship. I get it. But why, oh why, do I find gay women so hot?

It's not like I have overly kinky fantasies or anything. I mean, when I see a woman, and find her pleasant to gaze upon, it no longer surprises me to I learn that she's gay. They're just hotter! /facepalm

It is to laugh.

Jan. 1st, 2009

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Hello 2009; No Sorry, I Have No Cash. Just Take the Watch And Go.

It's been an interesting 24 hours.

With the carpet coming tomorrow, I spent yesterday (Wednesday) packing and moving things around, but not actually being productive. I haven't been sleeping well, in that it's taken me several hours to fall asleep after going to bed, so I decided to further procrastinate by shopping for a mattress topper. snip snipCollapse )

Dec. 29th, 2008

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Wow, That Was Fast

Went to the pottery shop Color Me Mine this weekend for my mostly-annual-paint-a-thing-on-my-birthday celebration. I had, some years ago, painted a chopstick bowl (their term not mine) in a very zen fashion - one small strip of blue on the outside and one small strip of black on the inside - but it broke in my last apartment. This year I decided to replace it.

The paint IS the glaze!Collapse )

I think we're getting new carpeting this weekend. Yay for packing and doing the bedroom shuffle.

Hey, so lemme ask you something. I've queried an equestrian friend of mine, but haven't heard back yet. I got to thinking about horse anatomy (well, Zebra but same diff). Horses have 4 legs & 0 arms; this means they don't have any shoulders per se. Do horses have 2 sets of hips?

PS - the most awesomist picture evar showed up in my inbox the other day. mspinkie  is, in fact, the shizzlette.


Dec. 24th, 2008

book, writer&#39;s block

Joyeux Noel Mes Amis

I wrote this poem 13 years ago this month (or maybe next) sitting on my friend's couch looking out his garden-level window, while living in Colorado. I grew up in Michigan, and am quite comfortable in the cold. (When folks ask how I was able to endure Michigan winters I tell them that we have adapted to the freezing temperatures: we go inside.) My mom mentions this poem on a fairly regular basis, so I offer it here along with a wish that your indoors may be warmer than just the temperature.

Winter Vs. Snow

Please, let us never confuse Winter with Snow.
Winter is arching slush as taxis rush.
Winter is frozen toes and a runny nose.
Winter is grey-black days hiding warming rays.

Snow is a crackling hearth and a pure white Earth.
Snow is a flake on the tongue, a carol of our young.
Snow is a frosty pane and a shoveled lane.

So please, let us never confuse Winter with Snow.

Dec. 23rd, 2008

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On the Cookieth Day Of Christmas

Cooked up a batch of Sugar Cookies Sunday night, with the intention of frosting them Monday night and taking some to work today.

Crafting a cookieCollapse )

One of my roommates, Dave, is moving out at the end of the month, has been slowly moving stuff for a few weeks now, and told me at least twice that he's taking the electricity with him on Monday the 22nd. Told me and told me. Yesterday afternoon I got a text from Rob, my remaining roommate, that there was no electricity at the house and that he was going for a bike ride. Activate: panic mode!

I jumped on to the SoCalEd website and scurried to get service turned back on. The earliest date I could select was Friday the 26th - whoops. I called the main number and charmed my way into service beginning today. Now this is important for reasons other than the obvious. My landlord was planning to come by tonight to see the room Dave was vacating and to meet me, the new residentsomethingorother - the guy who sends her the rent and calls her when a bathtub falls through the floor and ends up in the kitchen. To have dropped the ball so badly that her new guy can't even keep the power on does not make a good first impression. Just as bad, the new roommate, Dan, was planning to come by last night to drop off his application and see the room one more time. Again, not setting the bar quite high enough....

I got home last night and ordered a pizza for dinner. I wasn't sure how mad Rob would be when he got home to a still-darkened home so I changed my pizza order to 4. That boy can eat. Dan came by and laughed almost as much as much about the situation, and left the beginnings of a deposit, so I guess I didn't scare him off.

Dave kept sending me random text messages today giving me the impression that the power was still off:

Hey dude dId u ever get the vac[uum cleaner] 2 work?
Is it set 2 go on 2day?

Very distressing. He finally fessed up after repeated attempts to learn the status of the juice:"Not there just wanted 2 make sure we dont all meet there wit no lights Grrr. Thanks, dude. But Rob cleared it up for me: Its still off Well, crap.

I called Edison again and confirmed that it was supposed to be on by 5pm, only 45 minutes away, and hoped for the best. When I got home at 5:45...nothing. I called and the lady on the phone walked me to the main breaker and viola. I frosted in a well-lit room and sat down to write about it. Sheesh.

We may not get a white Christmas here in SoCal, but I will not take for granted that I'll have a 60W Christmas and carolers singing the sounds of the NFL.

Merry Christmas, Happy (rest of) Chanukah, and a Great, Reflective Kwanzaa to us, everyone.

Dec. 10th, 2008

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Scenty Claus Is Coming To Town

Garland and ornaments have popped up at work over the last few days, and the bug has taken hold of me as well. I thought I might like to have a little personalized tree at my desk or something, but I knew that something a little more permanent might be nice as well. I often visit my friends Ben & Tina in Colorado for Christmas and we have a tradition (rather, they let me participate in their tradition) of painting wooden ornaments. It would be a safe bet to guess that I invariably paint some kind of tartan.

I left work and started pedaling toward the T-Mobile store to see if they have a working version of the G1 handset, but within a few blocks I decide to hit up the hobby store: an idea was starting to form and I wanted to see how far it would go. It took some wandering and investigating both nooks and crannies but I found everything I was looking for to make a little ornament of my own.

Cut down this tree, please.Collapse )

And, yes, I'm really very anxious to hear what Rich Miner has to say this week.

Nov. 16th, 2008

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Writer's Block: Department of Stereotypes

One of the most popular gender stereotypes is that women ask for directions while men would rather be lost than ask for help. In your personal experience, does this stereotype hold true?
In my personal experience women use dash-mounted GPS units to get to a destination; they arrive directly; they can follow an algorithm of lefts and rights but have no real understanding of the relationship between start and finish. Men try to take as many different routes as possible to get to the same place; they arrive 3 hours late; they make it up as they go along, often changing their mind mid-travel, because they have an inherent spatial awareness but are afraid to commit to just one path.

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